EC and the Lift Off Kids is a VHS released by ABC for Kids in September 20th 1993.

Episodes Edit

Because It Feels Good (A&B) Edit

NB: This Episode Contains a 20 minute edit of both Part A & B

Part A:

Nipper enjoys eating jelly with his hands but wants to grow up because then he'd have more fun doing things like camping. Unable to go away on a holiday, the children camp in the backyard. The feeling is great - until it rains.

Part B:

Ted wakes the children up in an unusual manner. Aku and Nipper enjoy dancing. Max enjoys a scratch that leads to everyone scratching.

Song: Scratch Song

All Together Now (Part A) Edit

Nipper hurts his knee playing in a vacant lot. The kids decide to clean up the lot and turn it into a proper playground. The Council approves their plans, and everyone rallies to help. After lots of hard work, the playground is wonderful fun.

For Sale (Part A) Edit

The kids have turned an old warehouse into their own "Zip Zap Theatre". Kim is dismayed to find out the warehouse is going to be sold - and worse - her mother is the real estate agent. So Kim and her friends put on a play called "Moon for Sale" - about the value of things that money can't buy. It's a lot of fun and it helps to resolve the situation.

Song: For Sale

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