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More ABC For Kids Greatest Hits
Released 1992
Recorded 1992
Length 39:15
Label ABC Music
Producer Various

More ABC For Kids Greatest Hits was an album released in 1992 by ABC Music. The album contained songs from artists including: The Wiggles and a shortened version of It's Not Fair from Lift Off.

Track Listing Edit

George Spartels / Busy Baby Bubby 2:27

Don Spencer / Thumbs Up! 2:46

Michael Young / Ferry Boat Fred 1:44

Mike Jackson / One Man Went To Mow 1:26

Jo & Simon Dikkenberg, Angus & Jessie Evans, Elise & Abby Robertson / Mr Squiggle (Main Theme) 0:59

The Wiggles / Dorothy The Dinosaur 2:25

Franciscus Henri / Dancing In The Kitchen 2:53

Gillian Eastoe / Insects and Bugs 2:59

Monica, George, Trish, Simon & Benita / Ch... Ch... Ch... The Toothbrush Song 1:24

Don Spencer & Anne Kirpatrick / The Teddy Bears Picnic 2:18

Robyn Moore and Keith Scott / I'm Blinky Bill

The Backsacks / It's Not Fair

Diesel / The Diesel Rap

Peter Combe / Saturday Night

Julie Collier / Rana The Sultana

Mic Conway / The Kangaroo

Sharon O'Neill / Water For The Flowers

Monica Trapaga / Bananas In Pyjamas