More Songs From Lift Off 2 is an album from 1992 released under the ABC / Screensong label. The album was one of a couple to contain a release under both Phonogram and EMI. The album consists of 17 tracks from the first series of Lift Off along with a complete booklet with all lyrics to the songs.

Personnel Edit

Vocals Edit

Mike Bishop, Madeleine Blackwell, David Collins, Will Conyers, Fiona Curnow, Janet Dalgleish, Nick Donkin, Julie Forsyth, Phillip Millar, Mark Mitchell, Maria Nguyen, Kevin O'Mara, John Rogers, Liz Rule, David Sandford, Hugh Simpson, Liza-Marie Syron, Peter Wilson and Heber Yerien.

Un-credited - Aku Kadogo

Kids Choir Edit

Jemima Coates, Hilary Fairley, Pieter Keuneman, Kathryn Leehy, Chris Liesis, Caitlin McKimm, and Peter Williamson.

Musicians Edit

Michael Atkinson, Anthony Watts, Will Conyers, Paul Begaud, A. Sullivan, Mark Mitchell, Bob Ellis, Garth Boomer, Les Gock, Mike Brady, Greg Sneddon

Tracklisting Edit

  1. Into The Unkown
  2. Above And Beyond
  3. Destroy
  4. No Entry
  5. Face
  6. It's Not Fair
  7. All Together Now
  8. Feels Good
  9. Beneath The Skin
  10. Illusion
  11. The Wheel Turns
  12. Bonza Jingle
  13. Do You Remember
  14. I Can
  15. Kim's Song
  16. Lost
  17. Lift off

Trivia Edit

  • Many Debates Were Held Over The Fading Of Tracks
  • This soundtrack is the only to feature any of the children in the series actually singing